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Posted on October 19, 2020, 04:59:18 PM by Jubal
Epicinium Released!

Is it worth winning a war when nothing but ash remains? That's the question that looms at the heart of new strategy game Epicinium by our friends at A Bunch of Hacks, which we're excited to say has now had a full release! In Epicinium, a strategy game with a simultaneous turn-based order execution system is complicated by the fact that, as you fight, the game's environment gets into a progressively worse state.  Building trenches, flatting forest with your tanks, accelerating climate change with your factories - all of it ultimately reduces the winner's endgame score, meaning that total war for victory can sometimes not be the best option for success.

You can currently get Epicinium FREE on Steam! In the team's Exilian release post you can also find links to the game's code and assets which will be a huge bonus for anyone who want to do more with the exciting engine that A Bunch of Hacks have created. After years of development it's really exciting to see this awesome project come to fruition - do take a look and find out more.

Posted on September 30, 2020, 07:29:46 PM by Leafly
Updates from the Forge 39: Autumn 2020

Issue 39: Autumn 2020


Dear reader, hopefully everyone is well, healthy and making the most of the current situation we are all going through. There's lots of great reads for you this autumn, or as some may refer to it, fall.

Great game development, musical tracks, and Exilian exclusives too - that have been designed to share with you all! There are even a few light reading articles and did you know interesting reads as well. Phoenixguard09 has released an all exclusive, find the article here on Exilian two weeks - before it is posted anywhere else: Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow - A Norbayne Campaign Log. Do not forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

Tusky announced the winner of Exilian's pub quiz as: Clockwork! Congratulations to you - your award looks excellent! If you would like to take part in the next pub quiz, Tusky plans to set another one up in autumn. Feel free to participate, Exilian users and visitors, enjoyed the last quiz - we hope you will too.

We have lots to get to, please read on!

Always, make sure you: 'Enjoy your stay!'.


  • Editorial
  • Game Development
    • Game Development
    • The Game Is ON
    • Balbor’s Tides of the Old World
    • Warcrafthero’s Iazyges mod
    • New updates on Tourney
    • KurdishNomad’s Prince Caspian units
  • Arts & Writing
    • Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow – A Norbayne Campaign Log
    • Sharing My Music and Sound Effects – Over 2000 Tracks by Eric Matyas
  • Miscellany
    • And Another Thing (Silly/Quirky News Thread)
    • Cool things on the Open Web


The Game is ON

What English idiom might involve a warning sign, a gale, and a tall building? Or how about a set of four boats and a large pile of peaches? Can you work out what number to phone to get some rest at the end of a shift, or what order a set of night-time photos should go in? You can find the answers to all of these and more in the Game is ON!

In this new project from Bigosaur, creator of great games like Son of a Witch and Windmill Kings. In this new game, Boris, a confused southeastern European trying to learn English, needs your help to discover English idioms cunningly hidden through a range of quirky puzzle levels. As you play through the game you will also be able to find puzzle pieces cunningly hidden in each level, enough of which will unlock even more idiom puzzles for you to discover. Some puzzles also have tricks that allow you to complete them in more or fewer moves, which can unlock even more puzzle piece options. The Game is ON!

Balbor's Tides of the Old World

In this awesome new project, Balbor is working on a big new rules supplement and expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying's Second Edition, to allow players a great deal more fun and adventure on the high seas! Rather than sea travel just being a route from point A to point B, there are a great number of perils out on the ocean from sea monsters to dark elf corsairs and Lucciniese pirate companies, and different characters and their vessels may have a wide range of ways to deal with them.

The eventual project is hoped to include naval rules for all the major factions in the Warhammer world, as well as the detailed rules for naval combat which are at the heart of the game and possible later expansions to allow aerial combat and dragons to interact with the ship combat rules. If you're a WFRP player, or if you want inspiration for how to do ship combat in any other RPG setting that you favour, this project will be well worth checking out.

Warcrafthero's Iazyges mod

Yet another new project in this issue, from the old Rome Total War mod forges. A number of planned factions were cut from the original plans for Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion, notably the White Huns and the Moors - but there were also a few files left in for three additional factions: the Iazyges, Marcomanni and Quadi.

The Izayges, the easternmost of these, were a Sarmatian people with many mounted warriors who migrated west to the Danube, and fought with Rome in Trajan's wars against Dacia before a number of wars with Rome in the second and third centuries. The Marcomanni, who had a powerful kingdom in what is now Bohemia, fought against Rome in the time of Marcus Aurelius, making them the presumed enemy in the battle at the start of Gladiator: they Christianised in the fourth century but are little heard of thereafter. The Quadi, meanwhile, occupied an area somewhat southeast of the Marcomanni and were closely associated with them, and were likely among the many Germanic peopls who crossed the Danube and founded new kingdoms in the fifth century.

Warcrafthero has worked to add these factions back to the game, replacing the Burgundii, Langobards and Roxolani. They have full unit rosters and appropriate starting locations, and allow players to replay the later history of these fascinating and oft forgotten peoples. There are a number of other minor changes in this mod too including the ability for Alemanni, Celts and Saxons to become a horde and a new repurposed model for the Celtic Kerns. Click below to find out more!

New Updates from Tourney

Tourney, the indie jousting sim from Tusky, continues to grow and take shape! In this game, you get to design your tournament field, host competitions - perhaps with a finger on the scales here or there - and watch as knights prosper or fail, prove their worth or slink off in embarrassment. Along the way there will be apothecaries, roast hogs, cheering peasants, jesters, shrubberies, and everything else you'd expect from a proper contest of chivalry and honour.

Recent updates have included the lovely new stables shown above, as well as a new improved armour type for knights, and a new event management menu to help you keep track of the archery, melee, and jousting contests that you set off around your tournament ground. The environment design for new levels has also begun with a hilltop castle for the Avalon location which will be revealed in the coming months, so there's tons yet to look forward too. The devlog thread also contains numerous interesting side-pontifications from our resident medievalists so if you're interested in seeing how ideas about the medieval and games fit together, or just want to watch this brilliant and very funny game come into shape, it's very well worth a look!

KurdishNomad's Prince Caspian units

Jubal's Narnia: Total War is one of the most in-depth and complete fantasy mods for Rome Total War 1.5 - and now, new Exilian member KurdishNomad has stepped in to create a new Prince Caspian Units Patch for the game. He's working to produce a more filmic experience by providing alternative unit skins and models that match those in the Prince Caspian movie. This has included a number of beautiful new creations, including not only adapted centaurs and satyrs but also fauns and even a mighty gryphon to allow the Narnians to truly rule the skies.

These epic additions will make one of the most lovingly crafted mod additions to the Rome: Total War engine even mroe beautiful, and will allow players to experience the movie-style battles and experiences far better than in any previous versions. If you're a fan of fantasy and of Total War, this is definitely one patch not to miss.


Exclusive - only at Exilian: Seven Stones and a Pale Shadow - A Norbayne Campaign Log

This is session three of this brilliant series. Set in a mystical and carefully described land, there are a group of people travelling. But where to? What for? The excellent authors behind this story did not envision the direction the storyline took but were really happy with the final story " I guess part of this may be down to how the character dynamic developed in an opposite fashion in this one. In the previous two sessions, the characters were separate and then met and came together. In this game however, all three were well known to each other, and then spent most of the session pursuing their own individual goals.". Each character is described in colour and really show their true qualities amongst their otherwise tough exteriors. The authors have even hinted an opinion "As an aside, I love _______. What an absolute nightmare of a character." - can you guess which character this is?

Check out the full story here....

Sharing My Music and Sound Effects - Over 2000 Tracks by Eric Matyas

There are so many different music media providers, with subscription fees and sample tracks - but Exilian's Eric Matyas will create his music and share it with you for free. From futuristic sounds to carefully pieced together clips which you can listen to and share with others. There are looped songs that you can listen to because we know you'll really enjoy these sounds. From Winter In An Alien City to Dreaming in Digital - there is absolutely something here for you. If you like the tracks, be sure to let us know in the comments below and on Eric's website!

On Eric's Fantasy 11 page:

On Eric's History page:

And Eric's my Sci-Fi 9 page:


And Another Thing (Silly / Quirky News Thread)

Across the internet, there are so many unusual stories out there. Jubal recently posted one on our "And Another Thing" (Silly/Quirky News Thread). In the digital world, security is everything. So is access to confidential data, worth...absolutely priceless amounts. On September 15th 2020, Jubal found an article about the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott - and how his passport number was found on the most unlikely places there are...
Did you know that a boarding pass is not only a door to your destination, but also contains data a hacker could use to identify the most sensitive data which belongs to you? Unknowingly, Tony Abbott posted his boarding pass with a caption, to Instagram for his followers. Finding data from the boarding pass, such as the booking reference: this was used to log in to manage flights etc. A hacker known as "Alex" is able to find out all of your booking details, just by accessing your boarding pass and logging into your account with the flight provider.

And please, when you are on Instagram or any other social media channel: be sure to protect your data. All it takes is one piece of information to intercept even a former Prime Minister!

Cool things on the Open Web

Gardening is a big hobby at the moment for many people! It is a great way to get involved with nature, make a better environment for you and all kinds of animals. Here is a fantastic blog about the different varieties of flowers, creative ways to grow produce using plastic bottles, and even recipes!

If you've never really been into gardening, now is the time to get growing! No matter what space you have available, there are so many things you can plant and grow - such as herbs, flowers, even watercress for your meals!

At times when you might not know what to do, visiting this blog could unlock several ideas for you. And do not forget, Exilian has its own gardening and food forums to visit! Happy gardening!

It is now Autumn, unbelievably so. We will see you soon, in Winter. We're looking forward to it, hopefully you've enjoyed the newsletter and we look forward to the next edition! Stay well!

Posted on August 07, 2020, 02:39:44 PM by Leafly
Exilian Chain Writing - Read The Stories!

Exilian Summer 2020 Chain Writing - Project Complete

Our Chain Writing project is now complete! Including twenty four different writers from across the world, we've created three awesome and very different stories. The project's been running since the spring, and we're very pleased to be able to share the results, which include tales from the sea, love and loss, betrayal, mighty missions, broken promises, adventure and anarchy, and a very mischievous prisoner of the ship commanded by Davey Jones. So, get ready and enjoy the creative wonders from the many members and supporters of Exilian! We hope you enjoy them!

The rules of the project were that each writer added up to 250 words to the story, building up a collaborative piece together. The writers were not allowed to discuss the story as it was ongoing and indeed didn't know who else was part of their chain - I as editor passed each section onto the next person. It's a major challenge for writers to take on this sort of collaborative project, and I'd like to hugely thank all of our writers – Andrew Conway, Arthcymro, Beebug_Nic, Bigosaur, BlackZebra, Caradìlis, Dan Shaw, Eleonora, H. E. Strachan, Irina Rempt, justatoady, KingSingh, Leo, Muxley, Nakyo, Phoenixguard, Pitys, rbuxton, Samuel Cook (Tar-Palantir), SLiV, Suzi (Spritelady), Tusky von Tuskington III, Waddleflap, and myself.

I'm hoping to run another round of chain writing in winter, probably starting mid-December, so please do keep an eye out for that.

Hope you enjoy the stories!

Jubal (Organiser)

The Chain Writing Stories

Lucia is now part of the crew and ship commanded by Davy Jones, but longs for something more adventurous. Thinking desperately how to cook up the best way to be banished from the ship and find her true passion, could lead to devastation and severe consequences for her. But she is fearless and will stop at nothing! Let’s see what happens!

A mission, designed to cultivate relationships and protect sacred Holy Land. Philip is trusted to find peaceful allies. On his quest he is accompanied by someone, but will it cost him dearly?

Different species with one common and mutual theme, love. That was until something happened, to shake and test the strength of it. Is there A Chance of Tentacles Past or is it all too late?

Posted on July 10, 2020, 02:50:05 PM by Leafly
Newsletter Issue 38: Summer 2020

Issue 38: Summer 2020


Dear reader, unprecedented times are at large but as the world starts to get back to the way things were before the pandemic, there are areas where the virus is still active and other places in the world where people have gone back to school,work and of course many other things.
We're all at different stages of these processes, but we hope from all of us at Exilian that you are all staying healthy.
While it has been a hectic time around the world, some good news is, we've been busy with creating some fun projects for you to look at! We've got some great game dev topics, nature and wildlife, top rated beers you can find near you while listening to Jubal's planned bannerlord tavern songs mod if you like!!
This month in our regular six-monthly election round all of our current regularly elected team were ratified in post. The full election results were as follows:
Jubal (FIF) re-elected as Basileus, Chair of Exilian!
Tusky (Ind) re-elected as Sebastokrator, Voting Members' Officer!
GMD (Ind) re-elected as Spatharios, Senior Moderator!
Congratulations to Jubal, Tusky and GMD!
Election results

There's more to read so lets get to it and as always: 'Enjoy your stay!'.


  • Editorial
  • Game Development
    • Roadwarden: New demo version out!
    • Jubal's Bannerlord tavern songs
    • Rbuxton's boardgaming dev diaries
    • Calling the Faithful to Utherwald Press
  • Writing & Arts
    • An Unexpected Bestiary: The Fourth Parchment
    • Topic: Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series
  • Miscellany
    • The Beer Thread


Roadwarden: New Demo version out!

In Roadwarden, from Moral Anxiety Studio, you play as the eponymous character, tasked with patrolling and making safe the pathways from place to place in a world where nature is much stronger than mankind and scattered villages struggle for survival in the wilderness. The game is story-focused, with navigating your way through discussions being vital and a range of options for tones and player body language allowing a highly detailed approach. A range of items and item uses can also help you unlock the mysteries of particular places and events as you go, and as with creator Aure's other games there's no 'right answer', just the stories you create for yourself on any given run.

As of recent updates there is a new demo version of the game out which is available on Steam, as well as improved visuals and more to do. More intricate details on the map have been added - a map which, unlike in many games, is focused not on a geographic in-fill but keeps its focus closely on the roads and routes from place to place, with empty and unknown lands between them. Small villages, dolmens, hermit's caves, crossroads, and more all await the Roadwarden on their travels. Where will yours end up?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord songs, from Exilian's Jubal

The Flower Of Charas

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, from Exilian's Jubal is the sequel to Mount & Blade. A role palying game (RPG) focused on immesive medieval warfare! Currently in Early Access, don't you want to know more?

A bit of history: set in a world called Calradia, it's a fairly historical fantasy with not many magic or supernatural elements. Bannerlord is set several hundred years before the previous game, in a more early medieval setting.
Mount & Blade and Bannerlord are particularly known for having a higher level of support for mods than other games which are similar.
If you want to know more check out the range of mods Exilian has hosted on Mount and Blade games!

This is the first of the eight regional themed songs planned, a popular Vlandian song commemorating their capture of the city of Charas.
By James 'Jubal' Baillie, inspired by the Calradian setting of M&B: Bannerlord, which will come out as a tavern music mod, enjoy this majestic piece offered by one of Exilian's very own!
Here are some awesome comments from YouTube!

Beautiful job man! This is what I want to hear in the tavern while I'm hiring Vlandian Armed Traders and rescuing Petta the Wronged...AGAIN
- Canticles

awesome man,  i ll be waiting to hear the flower of charas while hiring some mercs!
- Pierrelicious

great song, keep it up!
- Ayush Khanal

Rbuxton's Dev Diaries

Boardgame designer rbuxton has been busily chronicling the continued progress of Test of Time, a quick and lightweight civilisation-building game he's developing, on his blog. Test of Time is playable in just over an hour, with scientific advancements, cultural achievement, and military might all being bundled into a simple card-playing dynamic. Players expand across a modular hexagonal board to gain resources and power up the actions on their cards: playing cards in front of you builds your military strength, but technological advancement requires you to "scoop" them,  allowing you to make strides forward through technological time but leaving yourself vulnerable in order to do so.

Recent development blogposts include some useful discussions of the steps that rbuxton and other boardgame designers have been taking to keep going under lockdown. These range from teething problems with the use of Tabletop Simulator, to where to find some more good discussion and testing communities, to the problems of not having the same levels of face to face interaction as boardgames usually offer. It's a set of insights that's well worth reading for anyone interested in the processes of boardgame design and how games like Test of Time take shape.

Calling the Faithful to Utherwald Press

Utherwald press' regular blog entries have continued, now on a monthly schedule and recently including an air combat playtest, a Cold War Skirmishes update, and a fascinating post on the religion of the Commonweath, one of the main cultures in their flagship (or, possibly, flag-plane) Frozen Skies setting for the Savage Worlds tabletop role-playing game. The Commonwealth's faith what we know of Celtic (mainly Irish) polytheistic religion and imagining how it might have evolved forward into a dieselpunk culture, with everyone from doctors to aviators calling upon a range of different deities as situations demand. From the old systems of sacred groves have now emerged networks of round chapels and household shrines, with a loosely defined priesthood of "Keepers" who tend the different sanctuaries, some specialising as chaplains for hospitals or the military but most acting as general officiators of ceremonies.

As ever, you can discuss this and other Utherwald Press blogposts on their Exilian forum. Hope to see you there!


An Unexpected Bestiary: The Fourth Parchment

Sea swallow.

Ever wondered about how many animals there are that you didnt know existed? The fourth parchment of An Unexpected Bestiary, talks about the Seriema, Noble Pen Shells, Dunnocks, Maras, Sea Swallow, Honey possum and Wryneck! With a bit of everything from land living mamals, sky surfing birds, sea stirring creatures and from big to small there's definitely something here for you.
this tiny, beautiful Sea slug steals Jellyfish stings powerful enough to kill humans, and can and will sting you with them.

- Sea Swallow
Its English name is based on the incredibly eerie twisting and turning motions that its head can undergo, contorting and wiggling at strange angles that along with strange hissing noises make the predator convinced that what they%u2019re facing is a much more formidable and more reptilian opponent than they%u2019d bargained for.
- Wryneck

With so much to learn here, there is a variety of different animals, facts and just interesting information that can help you find out something you didn't know before and can share with others. Jubal has now written 4 Parchments, please stay tuned for Parchment 5!

Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

During lockdown everyone has been trying to find free education resources. Here at Exilian, Eric Matyas has created free information about environmental stewardship that can be found at this website: https://www.dunesisland.org

This follows on well from An Unexpected Bestiary!
Here you will find vocabulary, math problems, writing prompts and more with this free eco-learning series!
There are cool documentaries and and activities too. You will also find fantastic curriculum aids, that can be used in classrooms and have also been supported by science teachers.

Episode 1 of the learning series: Mr. Binnacle sends Dune and friends to the inlet to try to spot Buster, an endangered sea turtle whose tracking device is faltering. For ages 7-12. Please share with family, friends and teachers!
The website is always being updated, do bookmark it to keep up to date with new content.


The Beer Thread

In some countries the weather is becoming warmer, beers can be great to try or even cook with.
Beer, why do people like it so much?! So many people like the very wide range of styles, flavours and it has been around for millennia as explained by Exilian's Glaurung.

The general opinion is that there is a fondness for beers from different countries.
Here's what we came up with:

  • Dark, malty stouts and porters (Britain), Belgian sour ales and lambics, German wheat beers and Czec Largers.
  • Guiness
  • Potbelly's Lager Brau (a small chance that this could be a Gold Ale?)
  • More well known beers like Wychwood Brewery's Goliath and Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • A nice warm lager and a packet of crisps?
  • There was a mention of cider as well as beer
  • A go-to is a local Australian lager called Great Northern
  • More of a fan of a malty beer rather than floral or tropical kind of flavours you get from most Australian ales
  • Pale ales are becoming very popular in a small corner of Australia
  • Mountain Goat Hightail, which is an ale with some toffee, coffeee and caramel notes
  • A good stout or Irish ale
  • The Kilkenny copper ale is a favourite too

There are beers that have been sold through drive-ins during the lockdown because the supplies were in stock with no public to sell them to. As lockdown begins to be lifted, and with the warmer months (depending on where you are of course) when you visit the shops next, check out the beers they have on offer! Maybe treat yourself to a recipe and try something totally new today!

Have you got any suggestions that everyone might like to try? Let us know in the comments!

We hope you have enjoyed the newsletter, we'll see you back here in Autumn!

Posted on July 05, 2020, 11:27:11 AM by Jubal
Election Results, June 2020

Election Results

This month in our regular six-monthly election round all of our current regularly elected team were ratified in post. The full election results were as follows:

Regularly Elected Staff

Jubal (FIF) re-elected unopposed as Basileus (Chair of Exilian), 5 votes to 0 with 2 abstentions
Tusky (Ind) re-elected unopposed as Sebastokrator (Voting Members' Officer), 6 votes to 0 with 1 abstentions
GMD (Ind) re-elected unopposed as Spatharios (Senior Moderator), 5 votes to 0 with 1 abstentions

The post of Tribounos was uncontested and remains vacant.

Thanks to everyone who voted and to all our staff: the next regular elections will be in December, with opportunities for joining the staff team in the meantime likely to be announced in the Questions & Suggestions forum.