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Posted on July 22, 2015, 04:07:24 PM by Jubal
Please welcome... Utherwald Press!

Today we're very happy to say hello to our newest Exilian affiliate, Utherwald Press! The Press is a small indie role-playing games company from Norfolk, UK, run by new member and ExiliCon trader stormwell. Utherwald's main project is a dieselpunk RPG setting, Frozen Skies, based on the Savage Worlds rules. The care and detail that have gone into creating these icy, airborne escapades and adventure is stunning, and very well worth checking out. They'll be posting regularly with links to the Utherwald blog, special characters, background, and more - and you can go and discuss all this directly with stormwell on the new Utherwald Press forum on Exilian!

You can find the new Utherwald Press forum here
And the Utherwald website here

Posted on July 16, 2015, 02:49:05 PM by Jubal
ExiliCon 2015!

Another year, and a second ExiliCon! Thanks to everyone who made ExiliCon 2015 such a great day. We've had very positive feedback, with this year's event expanding to include a full programme of speakers, a wide range of trade stands, and more gaming! We suffered a little from the weather and some local event clashes, but other than that it seemed to be a very positive day all round.

Highlights included:
Ren - a fantasy webseries
Kari Sperring
The First Musketeer
Don't Worry: It's Only The End of the World
And many more!

For links to the pages of all our guests, you can find them on the event programme. We'll be getting videos up on our YouTube channel in the near future, so stay tuned for that - and for eventual news, we hope, of ExiliCon 2016!

Posted on July 05, 2015, 01:25:15 PM by Jubal
Election Results: June 2015

Election Results: June 2015

Comrade_General (FIF) received 10 votes
Pentagathus (PP) received 1 votes
There was 1 abstention.

Comrade_General (FIF) is duly ratified as Basileus, taking over from Son of the King (FIF)

no1 croat fan (Independent) received 2 votes
Othko97 (FIF) received 8 votes
There were 3 abstentions

Othko97 (FIF) is duly elected as Sebastokrator, taking over from The Khan (IDE)

Colossus (Independent) received 10 votes
Othko97 (FIF) received 8 votes
There were 4 abstentions

Colossus (Independent) is duly elected as Spatharios, taking over from Dripping D (FIF) and Armadillo (FIF). As Othko97 has been elected as Sebastokrator, one Spatharios position remains vacant.

no1 croat fan (Independent) received 9 votes
Pentagathus (PP) received 10 votes
There were 2 abstentions

Pentagathus (PP) and no1 croat fan (Independent) are duly elected as Tribounoi, with Pentagathus being re-elected and no1 croat fan taking over from Tom (IDE)

Results By Party

PartyVotes% inc. abstentions% exc. abstentions% change inc. abstentions% change exc. abstentionsCandidacies
Turnout of 13 voters, 18% of citizenry

Posted on June 17, 2015, 12:03:08 AM by Jubal
Forum Reshuffle


This is just to give everyone the news officially that the citizens' have decided by vote that the fora should be reshuffled to take account of current priorities and activities.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Exilian projects is now right at the top, giving more prominence to our game design and creative activities.
  • All gaming discussion is now within the Jolly Boar Inn.
  • Some top-level forums have been moved a level lower, making the index a little shorter and more manageable.
  • Forums generally have their "themed" name second, making it easier for you to just scan down the left hand side of the page to find what you want.

We hope you like the new layout, if you want to give us any feedback please do so either here or in the High Court.

Thanks all,

Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on April 29, 2015, 12:29:58 AM by Jubal
TWC Modding Awards: Four Exilian Successes!

I am happy to announce that our modders have won four awards in the 2013 TWC modding awards! This achievement, winning two of the three Rome Total War categories between us, is a real recognition of the big contribution Exilian has made to the RTW modding community in the last few years. Our two golds and two silvers were awarded as below:

  • Return of Atlantis (Best Mod/Submod)
  • Jubal_Barca (Most Popular Modder)
  • A Game of Colleges (Best Mod/Submod)
  • Warhammer TW: A Call To Arms (Best Hosted Mod)

You can discuss this more here!