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Posted on February 14, 2017, 01:14:21 PM by Jubal
Happy Cyril and Methodius Day!

Happy Cyril and Methodius Day!

It's Cyril and Methodius Day - Exilian's annual celebration of languages, linguistics, and literacy. Today's a day to hug a friendly linguist, talk to your friends in other countries, read a book, learn a new language, and much much more. Do drop by on our official thread and say hello, and do spread the word as well! We're also, as last year, fundraising for the Room to Read charity which spreads the gift of literacy in developing countries. If you'd like to donate, please do - all money goes straight to the charity, and it would be great to beat our £85 total from last year. Besides that - enjoy the alphabets and excitement, and have a great Cyril & Methodius Day :)

Find out more here
Donate to our fundraiser here

Posted on February 05, 2017, 11:32:56 PM by Jubal
Forum restructuring announcement

Hi there!

This is just a quick post to announce some changes to the way Exilian's index boards are organised, which have just been rolled out.

The previous "Ambassadors' Residences" forum has now been archived. Supported projects and companies from there have been moved in with other relevant material - for example, Utherwald Press and Fox Box moving in with other tabletop game design and development projects.

Secondly, our Indie game dev has been re-jigged; the Indie Labs and Tinkers' Alley have merged to form the new Indie Alley, which covers both hobby and commercial game dev projects. There's a new subforum, the Tinkers' Workshop, for non-game programming projects.

We hope these changes will lead to a more condensed, streamlined forum structure and make it easier for people to find what they need around the site. Any thoughts or feedback you have on the changes, do post here or in the Q&S forum.

Many thanks!

Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on January 31, 2017, 11:57:13 PM by Jubal
January: Updates from the Forge

January 2017 Issue


The first month of 2017 has whistled by, with plenty of great project having outings across the Exilian website! After an exhausting and frantic second half of 2017, the forges of Exilian show little sign of slowing down. Outside what's covered in this article, we've had the announcement and release of Valar Morghulis' Ice and Fire edition, a great fantasy Rome:Total War mod that's now running on the Alexander engine with two new factions.

In other site news, we can also welcome Glaurung back as Basileus for the next six months, and GMD as Spatharios, and say a special thankyou to Comrade_General who's moving off the main staff team to the new honorary title of Permanent Despot of RTW in recognition of his many years of service to the site. Many thanks, CG! We're currently restructuring our staff and looking for new helpers, so if you're interested in helping out with staffing or content creation - whether that's helping make content for our YT and twitch channels, writing for Updates, or helping with our social media - please do get in touch with Jubal, Glaurung, or another senior staffer.

All that site news covered, without further ado, onto this month's Updates from the Forge (which is on time for once! Huzzah!) Once again, all articles written & edited by your very own Jubal!


  • Postbug level editor released!
  • Putting the image into Soundimage
  • A Roleplaying Fool's Errand
  • In construction: Space Shipyard!
  • The Jolly Boar Kitchen - a solution to hungry work

Postbug level editor released!
Hemingway Games have returned to their fantastic little puzzle-game Postbug, centred around a ladybird with a passion for postal deliveries who dodges spiders and navigates around falling rocks... with a level editor! This potentially huge expansion of the game is being developed to allow players and level designers to create their own levels and puzzles, with a simple toolset but a vast range of possible creative options. The feature is still in development, but players can already build and play their own levels and shareable links to levels will hopefully be coming out soon.

Check out Postbug, play & discuss the game, and have a go at making your own levels at the links below:

Exilian Review Thread
Play Postbug

Putting the image into Soundimage
This month, Eric Matyas of SoundImage announced a big new expansion of the SoundImage library to include graphics textures as well as the massive range of sound and music clips already in place! This new texture library will be a great free resource for modders, game developers, and those doing a wide range of other projects. It's another great expansion to the already impressive resources that SoundImage offers.

There may well be upcoming restructuring in how the site works - there will certainly be new textures and sounds, with more being added every week. Whether you're a developer, artist, graphic designer, or just someone looking for textures for a project, SoundImage now has a lot to offer and it's a great project to support.

SoundImage Textures Thread
SoundImage Website

A Roleplaying Fool's Errand...
From the Utherwald Press forums we're now getting some fun testing writeups of campaign ideas, the most recent being the start of the "Fool's Errand" campaign plans that came out in 2017. In this first episode, our slightly less than dashing heroes Arnie and Brick "the Brick" are hired by machiavellian crime boss Ferret (there's something about ferrets, isn't there?) to head out and retrieve a mysterious package from a bank vault in an abandoned town. Adventure ensues, with aeroplanes, rival gangs, and ferocious monsters, and it's still only the first session! Will our heroes survive? Why is Brick called "the Brick"? Who is the mysterious locksmith Karla who's been sent with them on their journey? Honestly, I still don't know the answers to all of those questions, but reading the session one writeup is definitely the first step to finding out!

Whether you're a GM, a player, or just want a good read, the campaign writeup is great and well worth a look. For GMs especially the game master's notes add extra perspectives on the story that could be helpful when planning and thinking about your own future ideas, plans, and campaigns.

Utherwald Press on Exilian
A Fool's Errand: Session One

In construction: Space Shipyard!
In development from new member KSGuills comes "Space Shipyard", a game using the core mechanics of FTL with a wide range of additional features and ideas planned and many new assets in development. The game focusses on your ability to keep a ship running during combat, so your crew can repair the damage, the weapons and other systems can keep running, and you can - hopefully - win the day.

There's a great amount of content planned for the game; the focus is on building a system for 2-player battles, but there will also be a fully developed, procedurally generated single player campaign mode and a wide range of options for how to build and construct your ship. The ship construction will be constrained and developed by a skill/tech tree that you can work to build up and develop as you play the game. There are also plans for area effects including nebulas and extreme temperature effects that your ship will need to deal with as well as the threat of your actual opponent.

With a great deal of content, and friendly devs happy to answer questions, this looks like a great one to take a look at - head over, give some feedback and ask some questions, and watch this excellent project develop!

Space Shipyard Exilian Thread

The Jolly Boar Kitchen - a solution to hungry work
Tired of your art or game dev work? Running out of ideas for things to eat in the evenings? Or are you a budding chef who could share quirky and interesting ideas with your fellow creative folk? Either way, do come along and check out the Exilian food forum, the Jolly Boar kitchen. This month we've had a featured recipe from Jubal, who's been making Pelamushi (Georgian grape pudding) - it may look a bit like a brain on a plate, but we're assured it tastes considerably better, and only needs sugar, flour, cornflour, grapes and walnuts to make!

If you want to find out more about this, post some recipes of your own, or just chat and get ideas for food to eat, do take a look at the food forum at the link below.

Enter The Jolly Boar Kitchen

As ever, if you've got something in development or want to help write Updates, get in touch! There'll be lots going on around the site in the near future, including our traditional Cyril & Methodius Day celebrations on Feb 14, and hopefully plenty more new projects and games turning up, with a LIFE beta in the offing and new Norbayne material being published all the time. Stay tuned for all of that and see you for the February edition!

Best wishes and take care, until the next issue of Updates from the Forge!

Posted on January 31, 2017, 08:19:36 PM by Jubal
Valar Morghulis: Ice and Fire!

Valar Morghulis: Ice and Fire

This month Ice and Fire, a major new update to the in-depth classic fantasy mod Valar Morghulis, has been released! The major new content release most prominently includes two entire new factions – the villainous Bolton family in the frozen wildernesses of the North, and the bow-wielding, extravagantly dressed traders of the Summer Islands, south of Westeros and Essos.

In Westeros, the Boltons add a whole new dynamic to the starting situation. Far from the Stark family having a steady grip upon the frozen lands, the vengeful Boltons start within striking distance of Winterfell, forcing the Starks to watch their back. The same is true for the Night’s Watch, who must now not only hold the wall against the wildling and walker invasions to their north but look out for Bolton forces trying to grab the wall’s fortresses and secure their grip on the far north of Westeros. With heavy spear-armed infantry ready to trudge through the cold wastes, the Boltons are ready to rule from the Dreadfort once more as their ancestors did many years ago.

In the sun-baked south, the Summer Islands add new threats and opportunities for the Martells of Dorne and for the ancient city-state of Volantis especially. Their navies can provide a serious threat to the south coasts of both Westeros and Essos, and the islands can be tempting prey for Volantene, Dornish, or Pentoshi navies looking to secure additional bases from which to reach the other continent. Without a solid infantry backbone, commanding Summer Island troops can be a challenge, but their archers and chariots give them a fast-moving, fluid fighting style that can at its best run rings around their northern foes.

Beyond the new factions, there’s more new content too. In particular, the game now runs with RTW Alexander, there are now special character portraits for many of the canon characters in-game, map changes with additional regions and settlements added, and significant balance tweaks including a significant strengthening of the dragon unit. With all that – what are you waiting for? The world of Westeros and Essos awaits you, swords at the ready…


Posted on January 04, 2017, 01:22:55 AM by Jubal
December: Updates From The Forge

December 2016 Issue


Merry Yuletide and a Happy New Year from another slightly belated issue of Updates From The Forge! we've got some classic stuff from some of Exilian's greatest creators this month, including some great new Total War modding work, more game dev, and RPG writing. Just because the weather's cold in the northern hemisphere, there certainly seems to be no hibernation among our creative folk. Of course this is just a selection of what's going on across Exilian - we try to avoid repeating projects from issue to issue, so much extra work on LIFE mentioned in the November issue hasn't made it this month, and nor has the new Bigosaur forum which got its own announcement - check that out here.

We've added a contents list for this issue, but haven't yet hotlinked the articles so that the whole of Updates still appears on the Exilian frontpage - let us know what you think! Once again, this article written and edited by Jubal, but we're hoping to have more contributors in line for the January issue - stay tuned!


  • Valar Morghulis!
  • The writer becomes the headline…
  • And Onward, To Norbayne
  • Dev work from ESO2
  • Calradian warfare as you've never seen it before!

Valar Morghulis!
Comrade_General’s fantastic Game of Thrones themed mod is seeing a new round of updates. This includes the addition of the Summer Isles, the strange and beautiful lands far to the south of Westeros, whose armies may find themselves turning north - or whose lands might fall prey to freebooters from Essos or Dorne. Also new is the ability to play as the villainous Bolton family under their banner of a flayed skin, radically shifting the dynamics in the northern part of the map and presenting a new threat to the Starks and the Night's Watch!

Take a look:

Try the mod out and enter the brutal world of Westerosi (and Essosi) warfare with all your favourite families, intrigues, and armies to command, at the links below:

Exilian Forum
ModDB Page

The writer becomes the headline…
You’re a tabloid editor in a country fractured down the middle. Your readership is desperate for the latest gossip, but will you just end up adding fuel to the fire? How will that affect the people closest to you? Find out in Koobazaur’s new game HEADLINER, where you tackle issues of genetic modification, civil disorder, and tech news, and see how your decisions from within the media affect the real world, both as you walk through the city streets and around the dinner table after work. Take a look:

And have a look at game itself here:

Headliner: Dev Thread

And Onward, To Norbayne
Phoenixguard has been hard at work providing and producing new materials for his Norbayne RP setting, with combat tests and other dev work continuing apace. This rich fantasy setting includes 12 playable races from the hardy Selkye fisher-folk in the far north to the wandering Bruin or the grey-skinned Dunscarth. There are also 16 classes including alchemists, necromancers, rangers, rogues, and warriors!

Lots of new info about character creation and combat has been added recently, and there are plenty of places to give your feedback, so board an Invarrian ship and set sail for Norbayne now!

Visit the Norbayne Forum

Dev work from ESO2
Game maker ESO2 has been providing more development updates recently after a hiatus! New updates on his “secret agent” game include a sketch-map of the planned city of Telephania, where the action will take place, and details of the decision and discussion based gameplay style. He’s also put a call out for a unity developer to help with a new tank-themed game project with this snazzy little logo:

If you're interested in helping out or want to look further at what's going on, check out his threads in the Indie Labs:

The Secret Agent
The Tank Game

Calradian warfare as you've never seen it before!
Yet another news story from our own Phoenixguard, as groundwork continues to be laid for what promises to be yet another great new mod for the Total War engine. Using a mix of Mount & Blade’s Calradia setting and the extensions of it created in Phoenixguards M&B Extended Factions and Jubal’s Southern Realms, Calradia TW takes the historical fantasy universe into the grand-scale warfare of the Medieval 2: Total War engine. The resulting mod is still in its early stages, but looks set to involve grand scale battles and allow players to fight over a Calradic world in a way they’ve never seen it before.

This is Calradia. This is TOTAL WAR.

Find out more about Calradia TW and have a look at the classic M&B mods that have inspired this project:

Calradia TW Main Thread
M&B Extended Factions
M&B Southern Realms

As we head into 2017 we're hoping for some big new releases coming up, especially from LIFE and potentially Norbayne and Valar Morghulis - and of course the Exilian staff will be hard at work finding new projects and teams to join in on the site. If you've got something in development or want to help write Updates, get in touch!

See you all at the end of January for the next issue of Updates from the Forge!