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Posted on August 24, 2016, 04:11:00 PM by Jubal
August: Updates from the Forge

August: Updates From The Forge

Here at last is the slightly belated Updates #4, the August issue! Here's some of the great stuff that's been going on this month - do check it out!

Fox Box keeps on truckin'

Fox Box is back with their largest kit ever - the full scale Orc pickup truck, perfect for the apocalypse and beyond with its two tough crew members and heavy armaments. It's also, with its heavy duty wheels and monstrously big engine, potentially the perfect cab for larger vehicles if you want to build a bigger troop carrier or heavy war rig. Or just keep it as is and enjoy running over your enemies repeatedly - the choice is yours!

Discuss the kit here

Sailing the Skies!

Our friends at BrainGoodGames have released their latest title, SkyBoats, a boardgame-style challenge where you must fulfil the demands of the various great sky cities to become the most successful ship captain of all time! You must trade goods between cities, but also use them to control the wind patterns and speed up your journeys across the sky. This strategic challenge will prove an exciting puzzle for all captains who set sail!

Set sail here

Fuel in The Limo

ESO's work on "The Secret Agent", a game where you take the part of a limousine driver trying to fight back against corruption in a bleak city filled with grime and corruption, continues, and we've had some more screenshots of how work is continuing! There's plenty going on and being discussed, so do head over and chat about what's going on!

Find out more

He's going to need a bigger canvas...

And Comrade_General has found plenty in his mural-painting work across Ohio and Pennsylvania lately. The above is just one of the mural projects he's been involved in recently, whcih you can see in various locations across his part of the US. Take a look at and discuss his current work on the forum!

See more of CG's Paintings

A Mysterious Gathering...

Communication is certainly key to winning at Koobazaur's new game, Gather, an experimental project where you, an ethereal entity, have to manipulate a small set of words to command your minion followers and gain the sacrifices your masters desire. Mastering the minimal vocabulary available to you is an exciting puzzle challenge, and very worth having a go at in this small experimental project.

Discuss & play the game

That's all for now, we'll be back with more in September. Do PM me (or email me at megadux@exilian.co.uk) if you have suggestions for things we should be giving shoutouts in Updates from the Forge, or if you can offer any help writing one or two of the sections, it'd be great to get one or two more people helping out on this so we can cover more news more efficiently. See you all next time!

Jubal (Megadux)

Posted on August 21, 2016, 12:01:15 AM by Jubal
Exilian Twitch Channel Opens

Exilian is now on Twitch!

Exilian's Twitch channel is now open! We'll be doing semi-regular streams which may include game playthroughs, Exilian events, crafts/arts, and all the other geekery you expect from the creative hub that is Exilian. Today we opened with some playthrough of new indie hit No Man's Sky, (including the discovery of Planet Exilian and the Mighty Mushrooms of Mundifron, as well as a lesson in why not to shoot animals that are ten times larger and faster than you are). We've got a lot more planned streams coming up, which we'll announce in the Exilian Channel & Twitch board as they happen. Head over there, chat about what you liked and didn't like in recent streams, suggest new ideas for our content creators or volunteer to join and stream something yourself!

Find out more on the forum

Follow our channel on Twitch

Posted on August 20, 2016, 11:54:01 PM by Jubal
Atheniad 2016

Atheniad 2016

The Exilian Atheniad 2016 - the third one we've organised - is currently in full swing, with several ongoing competitions. You can still jump in for the poetry, flash fiction, and visual art contests, so do take a look if you're interested! Held every four years at the same time as the Olympics, the Atheniad is a set of competitions across the gaming and arts that Exilian supports. There have been some fun chess, RTW, and M&B Warband games going on, and we're already looking forward to the fourth Atheniad coming up in 2020. There's plenty going on and plenty to discuss over at the Atheniad forum, so please do go, have a chat, talk to the medallists, and enjoy the third of these very special events.

Check out medals and match reports here.

Posted on July 20, 2016, 09:55:54 PM by Jubal
Rome: Total Realism Beta Release

RTR Public Beta II Release

We were excited to report recently that RTR is back on Exilian, and now I'm even more excited to be able to report that Beta II has just been released for you to go and try out! Rome: Total Realism is one of the greatest realism-based mods for the original Rome TW, and is a huge expansion of the original game with incredible additional detail provided to the factions, many new scripts and tricks, and a huge and beautifully rendered map.

To give you literally a small taste of the feature list: six turns per year, scripting for realistic movement rates, Rome condensed to one faction allowing several additional factions not included in the original RTW, regions with a wide range of specific new buildings and local effects on a map stretching to India with two major navigable rivers, seven cultures and further cultural effects added through the religion system, loyalty for generals as a feature, complex decisions over whether to build networks of client states or assimilate conquered territories, beautifully rendered landscapes, and more besides. It's an amazing piece of work, and well worth checking out. Head over to the newly polished up RTR forums and take a look!

For a full list of features check out RTR Beta II here.

Posted on July 12, 2016, 06:16:48 PM by Jubal
July: Updates From The Forge

July: Updates From The Forge

Welcome to Updates #3, for July! As ever we've got a feast of creations and creativity on offer for you this month - take a look at what's been going on across Exilian!

Updates from Utherwald

We've had the usual fantastic run of updates from our friends at Utherwald Press, including their June 2016 update which included some lovely new art of one of the technologically minded underclass-race of Genchi, cousins of the mysterious Windryders:

Other insights into the world of Aleyska recently include us being introduced to the terrifying pack-hunters known as Cloudhaunts, a look into the Cults and Occult of the world, and the results of an Air Combat Playtest. The blogposts are all well worth reading and do a huge amount to build up the setting of Frozen Skies; do head over and take a look.

You can go and check out Utherwald's forum here.

Orange Bison goes live

Our friends at Orange Bison have launched their fantastic new website for indie game news and reviews. It's expanding rapidly and there's a huge amount of great content being pumped out there on a regular basis, so do head over and check out all the reviews they're doing if indie games are your thing! We're very much looking forward to seeing more of their stuff and hopefully collaborating with them in the coming months. Click the logo above to head over and find out more, or check out their announcement thread here.

RPG Music and Stories

A couple of stories here rolled into one. Firstly, to run alongside the Deeper & Darker forum RPG (which you can still head over and join), BearKnight has started the "Tales of Thanglaec", set to be a thread of stories and poems fleshing out the backstory of the Deeper & Darker world. You can check out the first entry, about the legendary Sunset Pistoleers, here.

Additionally to that, Jubal has been busy with his guitar creating new RPG-inspired music - ready to be used for tavern ditties and battle songs! You can find his recent creations in the Exilian thread here, and of course on the Exilian Media YouTube channel (which you should absolutely be subscribed to!) The most recent piece, the epic "Siege of Bisanyedra", surveys the wreckage after a port town is attacked by the Ogieni Royal Navy:

...and yet more music

As if that wasn't enough music, Eric Matyas has been sharing updates on his massive and expanding library of freely available compositions! This is a huge new resource for game developers, animation creators, video makers, and more, encompassing a vast range of musical tracks and styles. The work is all freely available with credit to Eric as the author - recent tracks include the epic "Tower Defense", the sci-fi piece "Faltering Circuits", and the looping "Spooky Island". Do check them out and get them out there as part of your creative work!

You can find Eric's work at http://soundimage.org/, and you can catch up with his Exilian thread at http://exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=4582

A Forest Village spotted

The excellent people at Life is Feudal: Forest Village have been sharing news of their progress - the game has been greenlit already after just four days in the process, and looking at the screenshots it's not hard to see why! The game allows you to build from a small group of refugees to a thriving forest settlement on a remote island; but disease, winter, and starvation stand in your way as challenges and must be overcome. Such a rapid Greenlight success is well deserved, and we're looking forward to seeing more!

You can check out their thread here.

That's all for the highlights reel of this month, folks - check back in August to see what's been going on then!

Jubal (Megadux)