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Exilian Games

Exilian Games is our programming wing, creating all-new games software and programs for you to play! All our games are available entirely for free to gamers, and we have a wealth of experience and expertise to help starting programmers design and develop their ideas. We're developing games in a variety of languages, both browser-based and standalone, and we're continually expanding as new projects begin and develop. From python adventures and tower defence games to browser-based city builders, there are many innovative projects to play with, try out, and support!

We also host a number of mods for games in the Total War series (mostly Rome: Total War) and Mount&Blade. A list of these can be found below. Please take a look at them and support the creators of these mods!

Exilian's Games

Exilian hosts a number of standalone games:

Exilian Hosted Mods

Exilian hosts a number of mods for the Total War series:

We also host a number of mods for Mount & Blade: